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Corporate/ Business Law

From helping you form your new business to providing your established business with sound legal advice on matters ranging from contract negotiations, mergers, risk mitigation, succession planning, employment or regulatory issues, we have the breadth and depth of experience to help you navigate the legal aspects of successfully managing your business. 

Special Needs Law

From navigating Pennsylvania’s Special Education laws to helping you plan for the financial and personal well-being of a loved-one with special needs, the Shoch Law Office is here to help.  As a parent of a child with special needs, attorney Richard Shoch brings a unique understanding and perspective to your Special Needs Law matter.

Elder Law

Contact the Shoch Law Office for guidance for you or your senior loved-one as you plan for the future.

Trust & Estate Planning/ Administration

From helping you plan to provide for your loved-ones’ personal and financial well-being after you are gone, to guiding you through the estate administration and probate process after a loved-one has passed, the Shoch Law Office is here to help you with all your Estate and Trust Law matters.

Real Estate Transactions

From drafting agreements of sale to preparing deeds and ensuring good title to land, The Shoch Law Office will guide you through all aspects of your real estate purchase or sale.

Zoning & Land Development

Let attorney Richard Shoch bring his decades of experience in municipal zoning and land development law to your zoning issue or land development project.  From representing you and your interests before local zoning hearing boards, to identifying and resolving issues surrounding your land development project, the Shoch Law Office has you covered.

Municipal Law

The Shoch Law Office serves as solicitor to numerous municipal entities including local Boards of Supervisors, Planning Commissions and Authorities.  In addition to decades of experience as a municipal solicitor, attorney Richard Shoch previously served as an elected County Commissioner for eight years, giving him a wealth of experience in county and state governmental matters. Let the Shoch Law Office bring that experience to your governmental entity.

General Civil Practice

Legal matters can be very complex and specialized, and while we are able to handle many types of Civil Law matters, we will at times refer clients to other trusted firms that specialize in certain types of matters. Consider the Shoch Law Office as a starting point regarding any of your Civil Law matters.  If we don’t have the experience to help you with your particular matter, we can put you in contact with someone that can.

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